We provide tires and wheels for Classic and Muscle cars, as well as for Hot Rods. Welcome!

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Retrorenkaat has been in the business with 50+ years of history in Finland and continue to provide custom made solutions around retro tyres & wheels.

Our expertise and product range are covering the needs for tyres and wheels to vehicles produced since the last 120 years. Our aim is to consult and provide top service to our customers and offer the right products for every single inquiry.

Different categories are for example Classic cars, Muscle cars and Hot Rod cars.

We offer a wide inventory of premium products and do have suppliers and partnerships around the world.

At our shop in Helsinki-Vantaa (10min away from the airport) we also provide installation services. Our main domestic market is Finland, but we are also serving customers in other Nordic countries such as Sweden, as well Baltics. We can ship your order on a protected pallet to your door. Contact us for any inquiry and details.

Welcome !

  • Authorized dealer in Finland for Michelin and BF Goodrich Classic Program
  • Authorized dealer in Finland for Coker Tire (USA)

We offer the following brands: Michelin, BF Goodrich, Firestone, Dunlop, Camac, Coker Classic, Cooper, American Classic, European Classic, Excelsior, Vredestein, Vitour

Classic cars

We have tires for Classic cars in our selection for people who appreciate authenticity. We are the exclusive dealer for Michelin Classic program and the BF Goodrich Radial T/A tires in Finland.

Muscle cars

We provide tires with white lettering for suitable for muscle cars, one of the white lettering tires that we provide is amongst one of the most popular tires for muscle cars, the BF Goodrich Radial T/A tires, which we are the authorized dealer for in Finland.

Hot Rods

Among other brands we provide Firestone tires that are one of the most popular tire brands for Hot Rods with a good selection of different dimensions.

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